Monday, June 29, 2009

Sonny & Coco Market 5th July 2009

The second Sonny & Coco Market is on this Sunday 5th July 2009. Look, all the information you need is over there on that poster! And, the most important piece of information is that Squirt Baby will be there.

If you go to my website, you'll see that I have a special offer on for this weekend. Aaaand, if you mention this blog, I think I might have to do something extra special for you!

I went a little crazy at the last market, and came home with some great finds - shoes for Miss One, cup-cakes for all the kids and some lovely yak & bamboo yarn. This time, I'm thinking about the lovely prints I didn't buy last time. I really hope they are there again! Perhaps I'll even get something for myself...

A Country Wedding

Utterly dismayed when discovering she could no longer fit into a very special size three dress, Miss Six was consoled with a trip to GJs to choose some fabric for a new dress.

For a girl who's favourite colour is yellow, she chose some very non-yellow fabrics. Cherries for the sleeves and skirt, and a red birdie print for the bodice (which you can't see).

We spent Cup weekend last November at Wandiligong. We were there to attend a family wedding in nearby Porepunkah.

I think she looks pleased with the results! It was a glorious day for a wedding. The reception was held outdoors with the bulk of Mount Buffalo looming over us. As the sun went down there was dancing, the lanterns flickered into life, the children played. Joyful. Magical.

Keeping up with the Jones'

My lovely friend Jacquie ( started a blog today. I decided I wanted to be her first follower which meant starting my own blog. So here we are!!

Of course there's another reason for starting this blog - SQUIRT BABY

Squirt Baby is a special project aimed at keeping me at home with my offspring. That way, they get to stay at home with me and I endeavour to keep them clean and fed and then I sew and knit and do a bit more sewing. Sometimes I clean the house and take them for outings.

As the driving force (well, the only force actually) behind Squirt Baby I produce a range of clothing and accessories for children from birth to 4 years. I have a website and an Etsy shop and now a blog!

Of course there are lots of pictures on the website - but not that many of my children wearing their Squirt Baby gear. This is the spot for those pictures and special projects.