Saturday, July 11, 2009

Squeaking with delight!

The school holidays are nearly over so that means Master 8 & Miss Six are back to school on Monday and Miss Very Nearly Four resumes kinder (phew!). It's a windy old day in Melbourne. David has taken the first half of the family to see a movie whilst the second half enjoy an afternoon nap. Ooh, time to myself. Time to blog! I've just checked out the Yarraville Markets blogspot and have had a good look at the photographs posted by Lou from last weekend's market - they look great! Lou is right - this market has a lovely atmosphere and I consider myself lucky to be a part of it. I was hooked from the first market when Cottage Nerd and I were situated beneath the gleaming Masonic symbol-thingy (I should know what it's called, both my grandfathers were Masons).

You know, I am very new to all this on-line stuff. I'm easily excited by even the smallest developments. I'm really excited by the discovery of TWO followers! Thank-you special ladies, you've made my day *smiling a lot right now* :)

Last weekend was a busy one - Yarraville on Saturday and Sonny & Coco on Sunday. I do enjoy being surrounded by people who create and people who support that. Having a shop on Etsy is another recent development and I was thrilled to sell a Denim Pinafore to Emma - a fellow Etsian and Melburnian. You may know that I don't make huge quantities of anything (short attention span, that sort of thing) - last weekend was the Weekend of the Denim Pinafore and now they are all gone!! The good news is I have started making some more (well, four to be precise) - I just have to decide which ribbon to use and sew the buttons on. Why is it that the little things always seem to take the longest?? The denim with the herringbone pattern is all gone now. I saw Georgie from GJ's at Sonny & Coco. She reported that denim is hard to come by at the moment - that would explain why none of the NINE fabric stores I visited last week had any. Can you imagine how impressed my children were being dragged to all these shops, and to no avail?!?!

Cathie from Melbourne Epicure had a spot at Sonny & Coco. Cathie and her husband make breads, sweet things and savouries such a quiches and the very yummy spinach & ricotta triangle I had for lunch. The children inhaled the mini-gingerbreads before I had the chance to take a photo, but if you go to Cathie's blog you can see them there. You can also see where to find Cathie and her delicious food.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yarraville Markets 4th July 2009

Yarraville Markets - on again this Saturday. Yippee!!
This market is set in the charming Masonic Hall and is the perfect setting for a market showcasing handmade, locally made gorgeous goodies. Don the winter woollies, pop down and visit. Have a coffee before or after (or both!, one can never have too much caffeine!).
Click on the link (yep - it's over there, on the right) to check out who'll be there. I will (and that's the important thing - hehe!).
If you haven't been to Yarraville before you won't be disappointed. It has a lovely village atmosphere - lots of spots for coffee (or did I already mention that?), the Sun Theatre and lots of other stuff.
See you there!