Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Greetings

For the third year in  row I haven't managed to send Christmas cards.  I'm starting to wonder if I ever will again!

This year has been particularly busy.  With four children (currently aged 2,4,6 and 8) ours is a busy household anyway!  Squirt Baby, my little business, is finding it's feet and is happy to report  phenomenal growth.  It is, however, a double edged sword.  Growth means more time spent away from our children, extended family and friends.  My fabulous husband views Squirt  Baby  as something real, rather than a little hobby.  I see now that it can work, it's just a matter of deciding how it will work and fit into the needs of our family at the same time.

Tonight we have taken the kids for a drive around the neighbourhood to check out the Christmas lights.  They are now tucked up in bed, excited beyond belief imagining that Santa isn't far away.  Where the adults of the household are caught up with day-to-day concerns such as figuring out the menu for Christmas Day, tarting up the garden and spring-cleaning the house (heaven forbid someone should notice the fluff gathering on the pelmets in the girls' bedroom!) - our kids remind us of the excitement and anticipation of Christmas Eve and what this celebration is all about.

Christmas is at our place tomorrow.  We will celebrate with both sides of the family around the same table, cracking the bon-bons, wearing silly hats, eating the feast, collapsing on the couch.  Then, when the dust has barely settled, we have to pack for we are off on holidays on Boxing Day.  Only then can we truly relax, unwind, be carefree, play.

It's been a great year, on the whole.  We have had sadness - we head into 2010 minus a few souls.  We have also welcomed babies this year - such is the cycle of life.  Christmas can be stressful, it can strain relationships, bring out the worst in us.  Most of you will understand what I mean, on some level.  Keeping that in mind, I also wish you the safest and happiest of times.  Tomorrow will be great fun.  I'm going to let my hair down and try a new (for me) cocktail - a Flirtini (pineapple, Cointreau, vodka and champagne) - sounds right for Christmas Day!  Although, as the cook, I'd better not get carried away ;)

Looking forward to catching up with lots of blog reading during the holidays.  Thanks for your support during the year.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Popping up for air


It's a wild ride I'm on at the moment.  I haven't blogged, haven't checked out other blogs, answer absolutely urgent emails only.  I leave the house to buy more supplies, attend a market or go to a business meeting.  I can say that now because several new and exciting developments are happening all at once.

I have a stockist for my wares - Kiss Chasy Clothing in Moonee Ponds is my first venture into retail outlets.  Julie and Suzie are fantastic and I'm really looking forward to working with them.

I've been finalising photos for advertising in Studio Bambini - more about this later.

The markets have been much busier than anticipated (no complaints here) - although it means lots and lots of sewing.

Oh, and Christmas is on it's way - has anyone else noticed?

This weekend I'll be here: 

and then on Sunday I'll be at Christmas @ the Meat Market.   Arts House, Blackwood Street North Melbourne.  Note that the opening times are 11am to 8pm (yep, it's a late night for us!).

Okay - time to get back to the sewing machine.  More news when things calm down next week!