Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Sunday at home

My Mum always had home-made biscuits in the cupboard.  I try hard to follow her example.  Once you get the hang of it, they can be made quite quickly and taste so much better than anything bought from the supermarket!  This year I have been providing chocolate chip biscuits for the school canteen.  Usually they are made on Monday morning, before school.   Last night Mate had a couple of friends stay for a sleep-over, so we planned a quiet morning in for them to recover from excessive quantities of junk consumed the night before.  Pancakes and hot chocolate for brekkie got me in the mood for some more baking.  So, in a world-first, the Monday biscuits were baked on a Sunday.  Marv came sniffing around, and made some biscuits herself (with just a little help) - decorating them as only children can!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's been a while, again!

Just when I feel I have so much to share, events on the home front have thrown things into disarray.

Luce, my youngest bundle of joy, has a BROKEN ARM!!!!

Oh the horror for the poor little pet.  It was a simple fall, in the lounge, onto carpet.  A cracked humerus.  No plaster, but a special sling.  Adjustment for all concerned.  Mate is feeling rather guilty, as he was playing with her when it happened.  He is a great brother, and doesn't deserve to be feeling responsible.

I've been sewing and knitting in between the cuddles, comfort foods and DVDs.  Anything to keep her happy!

And I have some fabulous photographs from Susannah Tucker that are off being framed.  Susannah blew them up for us - 50x50cm.  They look absolutely gorgeous.  Thanks Susannah!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In the garden

Another glorious day here in Melbourne, and my two youngest have been spending time outside riding bikes, digging in the garden and finding ladybirds.  We have lots of aphids on the roses at the moment and consequently we have lots of ladybirds.  And they are the hugest ladybirds I have ever seen!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Market Report

Melbourne was blessed with gorgeous autumnal weather yesterday.

Perfect for a wedding.

Perfect for a picnic.

Perfect for a market.

Cosying up to the camellia we call home when we're at Shirt and Skirt, Cottage Nerd and Squirt Baby (oh yeah, that's me!) settled in for a day of coffee, treats from the Convent Bakery and chats with our fellow marketeers.  It was great to catch up with Jo (Frankie and Ray) and Pia, Lisa (Little Lamb) and Christine.  Then a rush home to pick up Im from a birthday party.  Two of my daughters have been to parties this week - both came home with the pass-the-parcel prize.  Tinny things!

Spreading ourselves out and still tweaking!

Beanies and chunky scarves

Cottage Nerd's latest offerings - winter floral skirts, cardigans and brooches

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shirt and Skirt Market

Tomorrow Cottage Nerd and I will be in our usual spot at the Shirt and Skirt Market.  It's our last one before winter sets in.  We'll be back again in October.  

In the meantime - check the "To Market to Market" page for upcoming market dates - I'm off to add some more now!

Warm, happy feelings

I like to have flowers in the house.  I like to have them close to the front door, close to the back door and all places in between.  I really like flowers that have come from our own garden.  Sometimes there's not much.  Other times there's an overabundance.  The arrangements don't have to be huge - just pretty and welcoming.

Just near our back door we have a comfy chair and a handy table to rest a cuppa and some reading material.

I like this little arrangement for a number of reasons - 

- the table was made by my husband's great-grandfather
- the gerberas come from plants propagated by my Dad
- the camelia is a gift from my in-laws
-the vase (in my favourite green!) was bought on a trip to Queenscliff when I was pregnant with my first-born
- the Country Living mag (UK edition) connects me with my big sister and her English life
- the Notebook mag is my first one (time to try something different)
-the little green china "basket" was an antique shop bargain and reminds me of similar ones my Nana had

When I sit on the chair (made even comfyer - yep, that's a made-up word! - by my new Raeburn Design cushion) next to this table I look straight out into the garden, and beyond into the park on the other side of our back fence.  It's a nice spot in the afternoon as the light comes flooding in.  I like the fact that most of our furniture and even the crockery and glassware have stories to tell. Today just looking at those gerberas makes me think of my Dad, and I feel warm and happy inside.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thanks Susannah!

A couple of weeks ago (gosh - should I admit how long it's taken me to get around to this??) the gorgeous Susannah of Susannah Tucker Photography was kind enough to bestow this award on this blog.  I've neglected it so badly lately, and as a new look is being prepared it feels a little tired to me - but I'm still feeling chuffed anyway!

The winners of the award are asked to share it with another fifteen bloggers and share 7 things about themselves that may/may not be known.  I'm sure I can find seven "revelations" to share with you all, but I admit I struggle with passing on the award.  I think too much about who to share it with, not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings, not wanting to look like a blog stalker!  So perhaps I'll set you a challenge instead - how about choosing a blog you follow, trawl through their followers, find one you like, start following it.  What do you think??  I'm sure you have a few spare hours so you can complete this task!

Drumroll please - 

The seven things about me, in no particular order - 

1. Several years ago I bought a book on decluttering - it's cluttering up a bookshelf somewhere, unread!

2. Our house seems to accumulate a lot of stuff.  I really don't know where it comes from.  At any one time the kitchen bench plays host to an assortment of hair ties, magnets, buttons, seed packets, school notes, tiny lego pieces and pegs.

3.  I don't like polishing shoes.  My Dad was a great shoe polisher - wish he was still here.

4.  I expect my kids to empty their school bags at the end of the day, WITHOUT ME NEEDING TO CHECK.  Periodically, rotten fruit drips its way out of my daughter's school bag.  Usually, the smell gives it away first though!

5. Red wine.

6. Not good at parties.  Much prefer dinners. 

7. I like peace and quiet at home - not often possible with four kidlets in the house.  When I'm in the car, though, I love to turn the music up really loud and we sing together.  So, if a large car full of children goes past making "doof doof" noises - that's us!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh my poor neglected blog!

Tomorrow I'm meeting with my web designer.  The new Squirt Baby look is very close!  I think I've been holding off blogging because there is a new look on the way - and I'm saving myself for it!

There's lots going on here at Squirt Baby headquarters.  The last two weekends have seen a return to one of my favourite little markets - Yarraville - and trying out a brand new market - Modish Creators Market.  

Yarraville gave me the opportunity to catch up with a few stallholders I hadn't seen for a while - Glenda of Raeburn Designs, Lou of Totally Innocent & all-round fab market organiser,  Ali of Alibant and Sugar & Spice Children's Market, Natasha of Piper and Lily (and her stunning girls) plus some regular customers (especially Jen!).  I went home with another of Glenda's cushions.  I had my eye on it from the moment I saw her stall - and at the end of the day it came home with me.  

Modish gave me the opportunity to head to the other side of town.  My market buddy Cottage Nerd was there (with some beautiful new skirts) and my nearest neighbours included Emotional Baggage, Mookah and Soothe Essential Products - always lovely to meet new folk and catch up with some of the "old" (Little Miss Emma, IdTee, Miss Ruby May, Look at the Wall).  Pop over to the Modish blog to get all the links for stallholders.

This weekend Cottage Nerd and I will be back at the Shirt and Skirt Market at Abbotsford convent, in our usual spot.  We're thinking it will be our last one here until the Spring (yep, fair weather outdoor marketers, us!) - so make sure you come along and stock up on winter gear!