Saturday, October 16, 2010


Technology is both amazing and stupid.  Why does a post look completely normal until you actually post it?  Then it goes all silly and puts text in strange places.

It's all too hard!

Miraculously we survived today's market/fair.  You gotta love a market organiser who finds you a corner spot you can pack your children into as well as the stall itself!  We survived, sales were great, my children's spending was even more impressive.  We were wedged between the cake stall and the pie stall and the lolly stall was diagonally opposite.  What more could we want?  And I've discovered that if you send your children to the plant stall they come back with plants at "kid's rates" with extra freebies thrown in!

A reminder I'll be at Shirt and Skirt tomorrow - a day away from the kids.  A day without being a mediator, bum-wiper, kitchen hand and general dogsbody.  Tomorrow that will be my sister's job.  I wonder if she knows what she's in for??  They're off to a school car-boot sale tomorrow and after the spending practice my tribe had today they will hit the ground running!  Hehehe!

Blog Action Day 2010 - water|Start Petition

Here in Australia we know about weather and we know about water.

As a family we try to be sensible about our water usage.  We aren't frugal but we do our bit.  Aiming for Target 155 our last water account showed we'd actually achieved 77 litres per person.  Yet even that seems excessive when compared with the water available to millions of people around the world.

Right now there's a fair amount of discussion regarding the Murray Darling Basin Plan and the balance required to ensure the health of this river system with the needs of agriculture.  I'm not sure what the answer is but I do know we need to be smarter with this most vital of resources.  No-one wants to be a loser, but that's what we'll all be if we don't step up and use our resources responsibly.

My participation in Blog Action Day 2010 is a day late, and more a comment than an in-depth analysis.  I must admit that temporary single-parenthood is taking it's toll and tonight I'm tired and a touch grumpy - my brain is overstimulated and I need a nice quiet spot to drink a cup of tea!

Friday, October 15, 2010

To market to market...

I know I've been a little quiet just lately - the MOTH is still away and things are a bit busy.  Time is carefully rationed out, and unfortunately just about anything to do with the computer doesn't get a slice.  Other unnecessary items, such as sleep and me-time have also been cut. *sigh*

Anyhoo, because I am completely insane this weekend sees me at two markets (this follows last weekend's rather busy Sister's Market and a mid-week night market in Oakleigh).

Tomorrow I'll be at the North Essendon Uniting Church Fair (at the request of some special people!) - 132 Keilor Road North Essesndon, 9-2.  I'm looking forward to a Devonshire tea (or perhaps even two).  I'll have my kidlets in tow tomorrow (yep, I have completely lost it - officially) so if you're in the area pop by and eye me cautiously or even offer words of support.

Sunday sees a return to Shirt and Skirt.  Cottage Nerd and I have been a little slack this winter and allowed ourselves the day off when the weather forecast has been a bit iffy.  However, we have decided to stop being so unreliable pathetic and turn up.  Looking forward to seeing some friends and downing a few lattes.  A big thank-you in advance to my sis for volunteering to have the kids for the day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Community Fair

I've just taken on a job (I've decided to cut down on sleep - it's overrated anyway!) - coordinating the market section of our school's Community Fair.

The fabulous artwork is by talented artist Beci Orpin  - we are fortunate to have a creative and dynamic community here at BNWPS!

I'm putting out the call for interested stallholders.  Obviously, we're looking for those who won't compete with the school's own stalls (such as cakes, biscuits, plants, pre-loved books & clothing - you get the idea!).  As I'm sure I've mentioned previously in this blog, this is a school which has strong commitment to the environment and to the local community.  We have chooks, a veggie garden, a great cafe (real coffee folks!). But wait, there's more!  This is a community that supports locally made, hand-made produce - I see them all the time at the Sister's Market and CERES.  The fete committee have been working hard to come up with ideas to not only attract visitors but keep them there - lingering, browsing, spending!

So, if you are free and are interested, leave a comment here or drop me an email via
Stalls are $45 (including insurance, or $35 if you can provide proof of your own) for a 3m x3m space (provide your own marquee, equipment etc).  There are a limited number of smaller stalls with shelter provided - contact me for details.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I've been on parental leave since March 7, 2001.

One never knows what the future may hold, so I kept my old job dangling on the end of a line.  

Just in case.

Now it's time to make the final decision, and the final decision has been made.

I resign.  I quit.  I don't want it.  Don't need it.  It's not me.  I'd have to give up too much.

Goodbye job.  Goodbye security blanket.

Hello life!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Keep calm and carry on

I have all the ideas in my head, yet I am finding it VERY difficult to start.  Anything.  

My brain is at the beach, or planting out in the garden.  It's thinking about the corner of the front yard that needs weeding.  It's thinking about my soldier man who is about to leave me for 17 days.  Alone.  With four children, a cat and a dog and a family of aggressive magpies on our doorstep.  It's thinking about the meeting I have tomorrow with a boss I've never met.  She started after I went on maternity leave and will retire before I return.  If I return.  Nearly ten years of full-time non-stop mothering.  No child-care, no nanny, no nothin' - OMG I deserve a medal (did I mention the drug free births?).  I digress.

My thoughts are whirling around in my head.  They remind me of the tornado that disrupted Dorothy's life.  I think I'm panicking.  That's all.  Everything will be okay - when I figure out what to wear tomorrow.  Well, there's the outfit I use for funerals, or there's jeans.  It's times like these I realise how limited my wardrobe is these days!

Alright, I'm going to have a cup of tea, knit some leaves for rose brooches (like this one, now with Maxabella Loves) and read a few pages of {insert name of something mindless}.

Tuesday's Treasure

Is it any wonder I have difficulty disposing of no-longer-wanted-but-still-useful or of-sentimental-value items when I was taught by the best (thanks Mum!)?

A little while ago Mum passed her collection of sewing patterns to me.  My sisters don't sew - therefore I have no competition when these sorts of things are on offer!

I like to look through them (and there are many more to see!) - they actually help to clear my mind when I'm feeling confused about where to go next (in a making sense).

And there's the trip down memory lane.  This pattern (version two) was my favourite.  Each year Mum would buy a bigger size (it was okay to go up a size each year back then!) and I'd choose a pretty cotton floral.  Mum has thoughtfully made notes on the pattern sleeve.  So you can see in October 1977 this is what I was wearing!  Gosh, that's only 33 years ago.  Where does the time go?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today she is two

Today Luce is two.  Tomorrow she will be three.  My baby.  She says she's fifteen, and sometimes I think she's right.

She's bossy and she's always right.  She's allowed to change her mind whenever she likes.  Right now, she's the queen of cheesy grins and big squeezy cuddles.

Tomorrow she will be all of these things plus more.  Tomorrow she will be three.