Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Parenthood is about desperately wanting the best for your offspring.  Cherry picking the best bits of your DNA to bestow upon them.  Wanting them to avoid the pitfalls and to be happy and fulfilled.

I had my fist migraine around the age of eight.  It took me a while, and a few more migraines, to understand what was happening.  In those days medication was the first port of call.  So I went on that medication and I'm still paying for the side effects.

Thankfully adulthood has brought relief, and it's been a few years since the last one. 

Yesterday Marv - my cast-iron-constitution child, the one who has not yet needed saving by modern medicine - had her first migraine.  And I feel responsible and devastated and angry.  I want to stop it from ever happening again, but that is beyond my control.

So today she stayed home from school, still recovering.  Did I keep her home for me or for her?  I wanted to watch her all day, to reassure her and explain it all again and again.  But she wanted to dress up like a fairy and write me a poem.  She is okay.  I'm not sure that I am.

New for summer

I've spent a bit of time today fiddling in my online shoppe.  I find it a chore, quite frankly - everything takes so long and is, on the whole, unproductive time for someone like me who does most of her selling face-to-face.  And I like it that way, perhaps because it means coffee time without children in tow!

This summer I've expanded the size range up to a 10 and sometimes even a 12.  I like to play around with styles and sizes, some more successfully than others!  And after a couple of years in this game I've learned I have a style.  I know that may sound odd, but there you go!  I choose fabrics I like and style them into clothes I like to dress my children in.  I don't like too much fuss, and patterns aren't really my thing either so if I choose a patterned fabric it really has to appeal.  I'm more of a block colour with accents kind of girl.  So perhaps that's where this came from - 

Neutral linen with a floral cotton panel topped with a little bit of delicate lace.  A-lines in sizes newborn to 3 years.  Available from Sunday's market in North Melbourne, and maybe even online.  There's only a few (7 to be exact) and once they're gone, that's it.

When I choose patterned fabrics they either fit into the colour scheme swirling in my head or are chosen for my daughters.  Luce has a touch of auburn in her hair, so when I saw this fabric I immediately thought of her and her love of swirly dresses.  Pleased with the result I went back for more fabric and these will also be available from this weekend.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New fangled gadgets

This week I've missed a few calls, even when I've had my phone in my pocket.  Today I missed a call from the school.  How can that be?  I have the volume turned to max, the phone is always close by (it's more than just a phone).

So I began playing.  And I made a discovery.  Last week I changed the ring tone to something pretty.  Problem is, my brain doesn't register the something pretty ring tone as a ring tone.  So I'm back to the unoriginal "old phone" option.  Might actually hear it and answer it now!

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Friends

Today I visited Zanin at Kids in Berlin.  From Wednesday, Kids in Berlin will be stocking a range of Squirt Baby gear just in time for Christmas shopping.  Yippee!  It's rather exciting to be in a place full of independent handmade goodness.  It makes me feel like a player rather than a dabbler.  Zanin's support and enthusiasm for businesses like mine is uplifting, and she's cheered me up no end after a bit of an average weekend.  Aside from the soon-to-be children's wear, Kids in Berlin stocks clothing and accessories for men and women plus lots of gorgeous jewellery, cards and toys.

Kids in Berlin - 472 Victoria Street North Melbourne.  

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Balance? What's that?

From time to time I am complimented on my ability to be a SAHM to four kidlets and a small business proprietor at the same time.  Apparently looks are deceiving and folks think I have it all worked out - raising children here, doing a bit of sewing there, whipping up delicious feasts and have time for me.  If only they knew the effort required to maintain this charade!

This weekend sees me pull off the ultimate party trick - being in two places at once.  Sunday is one of my regular gigs - Shirt and Skirt.  And then there's Mathilda's too.  The ab fab Cottage Nerd will take a range of Squirt Baby gear to Shirt and Skirt in the morning while I face the madness of a Mathilda's Christmas Market.  Then, when Mathilda's is over, I will rush to Abbotsford and set up the rest of my wares before settling in to sip lattes with my market buddy.

Remembering that all Squirt Baby wares are sewn by yours truly, this week I am aiming to beat my record of sewing 29 garments in one week.  Not sure if that sounds like a lot, but for me it's huge! I have lots of lovely new dresses, and have extended my size range up to 10 years.  And now for a confession - it's all about the girls at the moment.  Sorry boys!

My children don't recognise me any more.  All they know this week is how my back looks as I hunch over my trusty machines.  Thankfully their father takes pity on them and throws food at them occasionally.  And they have each other.  Bless them!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Sounds of Sewing

If you don't like the hum of a sewing machine or the roar of the overlocker (is it supposed to make that much noise??), then you'd best stay away.  It's all business here at the House of Squirt (hang on, somehow that sounds wrong).  All weekends from now until Christmas are booked with markets.

So I'm busy.

The problem with being a small business where handmade by me is at it's core, is that everything is made by me.  And I have limitations.  I have learned to live with less sleep, but it also reduces my tolerance for other things (like children, especially my own!).

But I love it.

Besides, since handing in my resignation, this is it now!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is it just me?

Is it just me, or does everyone compose emails and blogposts in their heads and then neglect to actually do them (cos you've kind of mentally ticked them off already)?

Is it just me, or does everyone lose their cool when yet another plastic lunch container disappears into the Big Black Hole (also known as school)?

Is it just our household that is full of particularly fractious children this weekend?

Is it just our household that seems to collect stuffed toys, plastic stuff and artwork in massive quantities??

We are having a fairly thorough de-clutter this weekend.  Next Saturday is the - 

I think the bric-a-brac and bookstalls will be stocked entirely from the excess formerly residing in our garage.  The garage has to be cleared out to make way for our new all-singing all-dancing trailer.  Apparently it's going to improve the quality of our lives. 

Anyhow, back to the Community Fair - I still have space for a couple of stallholders in the lovely market section.  Interested parties can contact me.  There's no formal application process - we like to keep things casual and friendly around here!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen years ago my beloved and I exchanged vows promising a life of love, trust, and friendship.

Sixteen years on I am even happier than the day my parents walked me down the aisle.  I am blessed with a partner who brings out the best in me, who has brought me great joy and is my greatest supporter.  I can only hope that I do as much for him as he does for me.  

Tonight we'll be opening some fine wine and drinking to our success, feeling pretty happy with ourselves that we've forged a formidable partnership and created our four fantastic children.  
Hooray for us!