Friday, February 25, 2011


I've been to Christchurch.
It was the last stop on an adventure-packed holiday in New Zealand.  It was beautiful.  My memories are full of parks, lovely old stone buildings, punting on the Avon.  Elegant, cultured.  Australians are no strangers to natural disasters.  Already we are helping our neighbours across the Tasman.  There are many ways to donate or help out there on the web.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another day gone

I'm having a hard time adjusting to this new "routine".  Or should I say lack of routine?  This new year has brought about some change here and we're yet to find our new groove.  Three kiddos at school.  My no-longer-a-baby has a couple of kinder sessions (by the time you drop them off it's time to pick them up again).  Cricket continues, swimming has resumed and ballet has been added to the list (that deserves a whole post on its own!).

My days are spent wandering aimlessly to and fro.  Unable to settle on one thing I find myself doing little bits here and there.  I have turned into the toddler with a non-existent attention span!  Perhaps it's the nightly tipple, or growing older.  Perhaps it's the sheer number of things I have spinning around in my head (brush your teeth, put your shoes away, where is your lunch box, socks don't belong at the back door/sandpit/couch, hand in your notes and remember today is swimming/cricket/ballet, send off claim forms, fill in permission slip, sign up for kinder duty, make biscuits for school canteen) that individually aren't that important but would bring this whole family machine grinding to a halt if I just let it go.

I know I'm not alone.  There are others out there who have similarly lost momentum.  A friend has suggested a weekly roster to help order my mind and reclaim the lost time.  She also wants me to email it to her so she can check on me but I think that's going a little too far!  (Thanks Rosie!!).  Any other suggestions gratefully received.  In the meantime, I'm off to do some baking...

wordless Wednesday

Friday, February 18, 2011

Grand Clearance Sale


This weekend I'll be at the Shirt and Skirt market with Cottage Nerd in our usual spot sipping lattes, or perhaps an organic lemonade if the weather's steamy.

I'm sure I've mentioned recently that I'm going to have a rather impressive sale.  It's happening.  I'm ready to clear the decks for all the new stuff I'm in the process of creating.  Should I be calling my handmade goodness "stuff"?  Anyhow I digress.  There's going to be a sale with silly teeny tiny prices.  Like dresses from $15.  Not everything will be on sale, so don't expect to find a half-price hand-knit cardigan, for example!  And, if there's anything left I'll be listing them on-line.  Everyone's a winner!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not sewing, cooking

I am a city girl with country connections and a family background in small business.

So it shouldn't be too hard to imagine my support of Australia's primary producers.  As a family we do what we can to directly support the people who grow our food.  Reducing my own market commitments enables us to attend a farmer's market close to home.  I've been wanting to go for some time.  Last weekend was the first opportunity to visit the  North Essendon Farmer's Market.  We were impressed by the quality and variety of the produce and *ahem* spent a whole lot more than we anticipated!  The MOTH has a thing for blackberries.  I should have photographed them before their transformation.  You'll have to settle for an "after" shot instead.  A family of jam eaters - this will be gone in a flash!

No wonder I'm not getting any sewing done!

 PS  Apologies for any confusion surrounding the "afternoon delight" reference.  Click here for details.  Hopefully that answers all your questions!  

Doing it in style

Last week Sarah wrote about hanging out the washing serenaded by her unseen guitar-playing neighbour.  Yesterday I hung out the washing to the sounds of a couple's afternoon delight.  It was a valuable lesson.  In a quiet neighbourhood, sound travels.  Even during the day.

Last night the MOTH and I boarded this glorious DC-3 for a dinner flight around Port Phillip Bay.

Our seats were over the wing, which didn't please me at first.  And then I found myself gazing at the beauty of her construction and the way the setting sun played with the rivets and ripples in the metal.

I found myself taking photos of the plane more than the scenery.

Wing at sunset.

Wing with the Heads in the background.

Wing over Melbourne CBD.

Flying and sightseeing conditions last night were fantastic.  There's something magical about a bird's eye view.  Imagine a time when this aircraft was the pinnacle of modern aviation.  Twenty-eight passengers. A crew of four.  There's even a lounge at the back of the plane.  It seats four.  The cockpit is open to the plane and passengers are expected visit the pilots.  Fancy that!  During our turn we flew up Punt Road as the sun set and the city was lighting up.  Gorgeous, breathtaking, marvellous!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air

Now, Valentine's Day isn't a big thing for the MOTH and I.  That said, we are actually going out tonight, sans children, for a dinner flight over Melbourne.  It is, in fact, my birthday present.  Last year when booking the flight, there were only a couple of dates open to us so we settled on Valentine's Day cos the thought of it made us giggle.

As passengers, we are asked to dress up a little.  I've purchased my dress, sorted out the shoes.  This morning I was buying the finishing touches when I witnessed new love in all it's Valentine's day glory.  The shop assistant was surprised by her new beau bearing a beautiful arrangement of red roses.  Their first Valentine's Day.  He was dressed beautifully and had made a big effort to track her down at work.  She blushed, stumbled over her words,  acutely aware of the assembled audience.  And afterwards when he'd gone I told her my young beau had done the same to me - when I was working for my Dad!  That was in 1993.  Maybe this will be the first of many Valentine's Days for them.  Fingers crossed eh?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Still smelling the roses

I gave myself permission to have January off.  Devote myself to my offspring.  Time to smell the roses and make sure my children understand they are much more important than my sewing machine (I'm sure there are moments when they wonder...).

Here we are, February 11.  I'm still smelling the roses.  I'm spending a lot of time wandering around a little lost.  A period of adjustment is required.  My little Im has started school, and my no-longer-a-baby-Luce is at 3 year old kinder.  I need to reprogram myself.

I need a little more time.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Red

Late last year the kidlets chose a large pot and a tomato plant.  They promised to love it and nurture it and eat the fruits of their labour.

They were true to their (collective) word.  Bless them!