Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Winter Solstice

Oddly, for me, I'm not embracing winter this year.  I'm still wearing 3/4 sleeves and pretending it's all okay.  Frankly, it's just stupid behaviour for this very cold Melbourne weather we're experiencing.  Yesterday I popped out for cold and flu tablets and cough mixture (so much for Monday's hopes!) dressed as though it was April.  I learned a valuable lesson - face up to reality, love!

The winter solstice is here and I've been madly knitting little things to keep little people warm.  In the usual Squirt Baby choice of Bendigo wools, with the addition of Bark as a new colour.

They're kind of toddler sized, depending on your toddler's hands really!  Luce, nearly 4, fits into them at the upper end of the scale.  They'll fit from about 12 months.  Next on the to-do list is a bigger kids size - maybe 5-8.  Maybe I should knit them first and then talk about them!  Right now though, I'm trying to fill the gaps in my beanie stock - they proved rather popular at Yarraville last time, as did the cardigans.  Looks as though I can justify watching DVDs by knitting at the same time and calling it "work".

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


You know when something is on its way - the waiting is so hard!

Yesterday, this arrived in the letterbox.

A new case for my phone from Susannah Tucker.

She is gorgeous.  Her products are gorgeous.

Love. It.

Monday, June 20, 2011

This week... going to be normal.  I'm sure of it.  We will feel well, organised and in control.  There will be no nasty surprises, emergencies, illnesses or accidents.  The house will be tidy, the kids will be happy and well-fed and I will spend time with my sewing machine. There will be a bit of knitting, catching up with the telly and responding to emails.  Maybe even some social activities.

What are my chances?  Do dreams really come true??

Friday, June 10, 2011

Revisiting Yarraville

Tomorrow I'm off to Yarraville Markets.  It's been a while - but it's the perfect spot for an indoor winter market.  Cute and cosy and full of handmade loveliness.

This week has been another one full of challenges.  Sick kiddies, a visit to the RCH to have Luce's head glued back together, and a wobbly tooth that wobbled in instead of out.  Poor Im - as her tooth got looser, her excitement levels soared.  And then, shock horror, the realisation that the tooth had indeed fallen in AND BEEN SWALLOWED!!!  Thankfully, the tooth fairy was gracious and left a little tooth fairy offering.   I'm off to pop my cold and flu tabs and hopefully finish off some bits!  See you tomorrow!