Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Mathilda's Adelaide - tomorrow!

We're in Adelaide ready for Saturday's Mathilda's Market.

Burnside Ballroom - on the corner of Portrush and Greenhill roads in Tusmore. From 9-1.

I'm looking forward to seeing the interior of this grand looking heritage listed building, and meeting some of the local creators.

Our journey to Adelaide from Renmark got off to a rocky start when Luce fell in the playground resulting in three stitches just above her left eye. The local medical centre saw us straightaway, despite a very busy waiting room. The delay meant less time in the Barossa, but we still squeezed in visits to Angas Park, The Barossa Cheese Company (we are pleased to know we can buy their fantastic cheese in Melbourne) and Peter Lehmann. Cheese, wine, dried fruit. Yum!

Our accommodation is close the the market venue. We've discovered a little strip of shops in Dulwich with a great butcher (they cut everything on demand -fancy that), a couple of bakeries and a little supermarket with an amazing selection of gourmet foods. We're certainly eating and drinking well on this trip!

Well it's time to get some shut-eye before tomorrow's early start! That's it from me for a few days. When I get home I'll share some pics. Until then friends!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We're halfway through this road trip and we're currently in Renmark. When you're traveling as a family of 6 and have an iTrailer in tow, suitable accommodation can be hard to find. Well, as far as the kids are concerned we've hit the jackpot here. We're staying at the Renmark Big 4. You'll have to google it - I can't figure out links and photos and such stuff!

From our poolside villa we can also see the bouncy cushion and playground from here. The only disappointment is we're only here for one night. There's so much more - tennis, paddle boats, more bouncy cushion/pool/playground/feather collecting (sadly the wind blew away last night's collection from the table on our verandah).

Oops - had a bit of premature posting there. I just wanted to mention we're heading into Adelaide today via the Barossa. See the sacrifices we have to make on our path to national domination?? The MOTH and I spent some time in the Barossa BC. It's been a long time between drinks. We're just wondering how to squeeze in a couple of dozen red (in the iTrailer, not us!).

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mastering technology (I hope)

We're a few days into the Squirt Baby road trip (We like to call it City to City to City to City for short). Canberra is done and dusted and now we're overnighting in Hay, enroute to Adelaide.

I'm trying out something new - blogging via an iDevice. Not sure if it's working yet! I've switched the Squirt Baby shop back on. It occurred to me that since I have all my stock with me, I am a truly mobile business! As we pulled into Hay tonight I did wonder for a moment about doing a bit of a pop-up shop in the main street. Nice idea, but perhaps some other time. It made me thing of traveling salesmen of years gone by. Having the children as part of the traveling circus does put a dampener on any such ideas! They sure do get in the way sometimes!

Sadly I haven't figured out how to post photos taken with my iDevice when blogging with same said device. Any tips out there??

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Public announcement

Obviously I haven't managed to post any sneak peek pictures.  And that's mostly because I didn't take any. Well okay I took one with my phone but it looked really bad!  I've been attached to my machines for longer than I care to remember.  But all that's about to change.  Tomorrow.  Oh, make that today, since it's tomorrow already!  On Saturday we're off to Canberra, to be there in time for Sunday's Mathilda's Market. While we're away the shop will be closed.  But I'll have my trusty iPhone handy in case anyone needs anything.  Okay!

PS I think this post sounds just a little odd - perhaps it's the lack of sleep!  Watch out Canberra - here we come!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Travelling Circus

{insert sound of insane laughter here}

At this relaxed* time of year, the MOTH and I have decided to take to the road.  That's right.  The geriatric pets are being shipped off to their Nana in the neighbouring suburb.  The kids are already fighting in the back of the car and our super dooper iTrailer is being packed - with Squirt Baby goodies.  The people of Canberra and Adelaide are full of excitement and anticipation!  And so am I!  We love a  road trip at Squirt Baby HQ - any excuse and we're off.  The excuse this time is a "business trip" (makes it sound legit, yeah?) for a couple of interstate Mathilda's Markets.

So here's the plan - 

and then - 

In between will be a little touring holiday, before rushing back to Melbourne to finish off the year.

I'll be back tomorrow with some sneak peeks.  Ciao!

*my attempt at humour

Thursday, November 10, 2011

This weekend...

This is where I'll be on Saturday.  This month, as always, the market is brim-full of handmade loveliness.  I'm hoping to stock up on a few Christmas presents myself.  I've been rather busy (hence the lack of blog-action) whipping up shorts (for boys and girls), skirts, dresses, blouses and even some appliqued Ts.  Basics start from $25, Ts from $15.  And there's always the little bits and pieces that make great stocking fillers, from $5.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Number Six

Number 6.

Down there in that diagram.

That's the one I've torn.

Yes.  It hurts.  Yes.  It's slowed me down.  Yes - I am determined to wear heels today as I head off for an Oaks Day luncheon.  Why?  Because I'm not right in the head. 

I have lots of things to catch up on.  Lots of bloggy loose ends to attend to (I haven't forgotten you Jo).