Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Don't blink

My blogging is a bit like a love affair.  It started with passion and commitment and I couldn't leave it alone.  Then I got all comfortable with it and thought we'd achieved a state of equilibrium.  And now, the love affair has faded.  There's no zing, no quickening of the heartbeat.  There's neglect, a touch of staleness and regret.  I want it to be different.  I really do.  But I have a new lover.  Instagram is it's name.  But I've popped back here so the old love doesn't feel completely forgotten.  And I'm sensitive like that!

Here's a bit of my life (in Instagram pics of course) of late -

A crochet rug

A broken bone

A lot of pomegranates 

A bit more crochet

My new loves

Crochet cowls


  1. frankie & rayMay 28, 2013 at 1:23 PM

    Yes, me too Fi! I try to come back to mine more often than I have been too.... but, isn't instagram just the best, friendliest, conversational place to be? I'll see you there. Jo xx

  2. I know how you feel!!! Insta is the best hey. xx

  3. Oh, I know! I'm the same! I do love instagram! But I'm pretty sure I love your little kittens even more! Oh, way too cute! x


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